Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Five: Staying Healthy during the Holidays

Friday Five:  Staying healthy during the Holidays
This is a funny topic for me since I am the queen of gaining at least 5 lbs during the Holidays - so maybe this is more of a goal list for me with suggestions for you...
Lord knows I'm no expert on this topic

ONE // Keep Moving!

I'm so bad about the holidays being busy with gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, places to go, people to see... that exercise gets pushed to the side.
I'm going to schedule in every day... make time for it.
 TWO // Remember Holiday party clothes

What does that even mean?
I just know last year I had some holiday parties to go to & went to get in my closet & NOTHING FIT. I ended up going to my husband's work party so uncomfortable. Tight pants where I had to sneak & unbutton them half way through the night.
No one wants that feeling.
So remember those clothes in your closet. You want to stay in them.
Motivation right there.

THREE // Snacks to go

I'm really bad about being out all day shopping & getting hungry, so why not stop at the local place in the mall... where everything is at least 750 calories.
I need to remember to pack some Mojo Bars or Lara Bars.
Shopping needs fuel.

FOUR //  Stay Happy

Again, I know this is about me. I know most people really love the holidays... me? I get depressed. Its so much stress, so much pressure. I tend to get really depressed during that time of year- not to mention it being dark so early.
& when I get depressed, its easy to sulk into an "I don't care" attitude about everything - which doesn't end up with healthy results.
So I need to keep focusing on happy things during the holidays.
This is a hard thing for me...which its why a goal.
All of you that are happy during this time - what's your secret?

FIVE // Limits

Yes it does Lindsay... yes it does...

It is the holidays only once a year so allow yourself limits to enjoy things.
It's not every day that I can taste some amazing stuffing or find certain candy that reminds me of being a kid again.
So I'll enjoy it... but realize limits are there for a reason.

What are your tips for a healthy holiday?


  1. great tips... now if only i can remember them and not eat all the good things ;)

  2. I stay happy during the holidays by eliminating alot of the stress with presents and keep running for sanity. For extended family gifts we either do a 6 pack to mix pack exchange or we have a theme buy one present and then play the elephant game. Dinners are usually pitch-ins so we try to just get caught up with family and friends that we usually just see this time of year. Besides all that, I work on my family's Christmas tree farm on weekends which helps to remember the reason for the season :) I love this time of year.

  3. Too cute! That was my favorite show growing up. I hope to stay happy around the holiday season where it can get stressful at times. -L

  4. This is such an important topic! I especially need to remember the keep moving one. Cold weather makes me wanna curl up and read or knit NOT go for a run haha

  5. snacks are a MUST - they help you from getting too hungry and let you control your eating :)

  6. Shop online or local. That's how I stay happy. I also enjoy the dark because I'm an early to bed, early to rise kinda gal and in the summer I have a really hard time sleeping because it's always bright.

  7. Always love your posts and the fun video clips you find to go with them!
    Great tips, I am weird, I go on strick diets around the holidays to get myself out of eating people potluck of stuff (I hate potluck, especially if I don't know who made it.) But just before the holidays and just after that is when I gain the wait, because I finally decide to indulge again..... I know I am a little odd:) But thats okay:)

  8. You are so inspirational. Loved reading this post!

  9. Love your tips! I think #1 is the most important. It's so easy to make excuses not to exercise since calendars are quickly filled with parties, but the more you move, the easier it is to stay in that habit!


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