Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Undoing the Damage of Sitting... a class in Louisville!!!

I hate sitting all day long.

I can feel the pressure of it on my back,  I can feel the stiffness in my legs when I stand up. You can just tell how bad it is for your body.  I've talked about it before here on my blog...

I think its crazy how they say its just as damaging as smoking... & no offense to any smokers that stop by here, but I have never put a cigarette to my mouth or even have any desire to do that to my body.

Thank you Health Teacher showing me the lungs of a smoker...

So I wanted to take the time today to pass this info along if you are in the Louisville, KY area.

Damage of Sitting

A pretty awesome lady, Rennay from Vegetarian in the Ville is hosting an event next Thursday to help with the issues of sitting.

First of all, Rennay is fantastic. I actually 'met' her on Daily mile & saw she was a runner in the area.  She reached out to me to do her engagement pictures so I got to meet her face to face.  I love when you wonder how someone is going to be & they are exactly how you expect.  & yeah, she's just as awesome in person.

She's now taking her love of running & fitness & how the body works & doing so much with it in her life ... & this is one of the things you can be involved in.

So check out the email & phone numbers & sign up if you are someone like me who sits all day long for your job.  Get that body stretched out!... & go see how awesome Rennay is!


  1. interesting - i sit all day too, and i've always researched stretches and what not to make it less horrible.. it really sucks!

  2. So great that you met someone through social media and she asked you to take pictures. I know the standing desks are real popular now in some offices. That's one way to eliminate sitting at work for hours on end!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm super excited about this workshop! I so wish everyone could have standing work stations (or have you seen the ones attached to a treadmill?!) but my day job at a non profit does not have that sort of stuff in the budget :( Hope to have a great turnout!

  4. This is great, I think about the damage I'm doing to my body by sitting all day. I had a hip problem for a while and my chiropractor was convinced it was because I would sit for like 6 hours at a time! Scary

  5. I'm late to this post (story of my blog life lol) but this si such a good thing!! I actually taught a very similar seminar in Lexington last year for UK faculty/staff. When I work from home I so all my work standing since at the office I'm sitting entirely waaaay too long.


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