Thursday, November 20, 2014

The legacy moms are leaving now....

I was looking through Instagram & I see how many fitness friends I have.

It's incredible.

All the pictures of people working out every day, people making healthy food choices, people deciding to do things naturally & taking care of themselves.

It's so inspiring.

But what I think I love the most?  Active moms that are the coolest examples to their children.

When I was growing up, we played, but mom's back then didn't really do all that running, or God forbid, lift weights.  Cross Fit would have killed Mrs. Cleaver in her heels.

But I see pictures of a friend of mine who goes to Cross Fit & takes her kids - & her daughter loves it & is trying for her own goals. ... her DAUGHTER!  I love that so much.  Girl Power getting stronger in the next generation.

I see my step daughter showing her boys that she is a runner.  How she makes it a priority to get runs in, whether it be outside or on the treadmill.  & now my grandbabies know all about running, doing the fun runs in races, even on the cross country team.

Side note - I think its so adorable that kindergarten has cross country! 

My incredible step daughter with 2 of her boys...
as soon as the baby learns to walk, I'm sure running on his agenda

You see articles of pregnant women running, competing in track races, lifting weights, doing hand stands....

what a legacy that is leaving for the kids of today...

they get what it is to be healthy.  What it means to make working out a priority.

I love that.
I feel like its so important.
I just wanted to give a thumbs up to you all who are being an incredible examples to your children.

Keep being awesome moms.


  1. This reminded me of the "Goldbergs" last night when the mom wanted her daughter to do aerobics with her..haha. It is wonderful that mom's are teaching their kids how to live a healthy lifestyle but as far as Instagram and Social media go, remember that people only post the parts of their life they want you to see. They don't show you when they feed their kids cupcakes and chips...haha

  2. I love this! I wish my mum had been into exercise, but she hates all forms of it. She always complained about her weight (she's a stick, gee wonder where I get my issues) and never ate healthy or exercised. Don't get me wrong, I love my mum but I definitely want to be a better example to my children, especially with exercise!

  3. I was so lucky to be raised by parents who lead active lives. My dad was a runner, my mom wasn't, but she was still active and loved to hike.
    All my younger memories are from hiking trips, and playing with my family. I remember we had rules, that you play outside until dark. No TV or Video games for us, and it worked out we all grew up healthy and active and all still are. In fact that tradition has passed to my sisters and they are raising their kids the same way. In fact one of my sisters son has a friend whenever they go to his house after school they just sit and play video games. So my sister had to tell her son to bring him to their house, so they could stay outside and play basketball or jump on the trampoline and be more active while the sun is out:)
    Great post, it rings so true to my own opinions on it!!!


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