Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Five: Favorite fall foods

Favorite Fall Foods

Food... my favorite topic.
I may be a loser lately on fitness & exercise, but food?  I always have an opinion & thoughts.

Today, the ladies hosting the Friday Five chose the topic of your favorite Fall Foods...

where do I start...

1.  Apples

Maybe because we live next to an orchard that has a big apple festival, but I love apples especially in the fall.  I am biased that apple pie is my favorite desert too. ... oh man, I'm craving a piece now.  But I love apples just plain (I say plain, but plain is always with salt)... or with peanut butter on them... or baked with cinnamon on them. Oh man. I love a good apple.

2. Stuffing

I always say my body is made up of 90% carbs & stuffing doesn't let me down.  Most people get excited about turkey during Thanksgiving, but even before I was a vegetarian, I was more excited about the stuffing.  Bread broke up & baked with lots of spices & some veggies?  Yes please.  I just ran across a recipe this morning for a quinoa stuffing. That looked intriguing too.

3. Dumplings

This goes in with the Thanksgiving thing as well & this is a childhood favorite & memory. My grandmother used to make the WORLDS BEST DUMPLIN'S... not dumplings. Dumplin's ... when she passed away, they went with her. Her daughters have tried to duplicate them.  No one can do it. I always said she left out an ingredient on purpose so we would all miss her cooking.  Its hard to find dumplings without chicken in them... this is making me want to find a recipe where I can make them at home - chicken free.

4. Soup

I never have soup & not think of the soup nazi

I was going to put chili, but I'm all about anything warm & comforting on fall cold nights. This will be the same if we do a winter food topic.  It's so filling too.  I've been on a potato soup kick lately.  Told you carbs were my best friend.

5. Pumpkin Pie

I had to go out on this one... as much as I love apple pie, I do love Pumpkin pie during the holidays.  Load up some cool whip on top & I'm in heaven. I used to make a great one & haven't done it in awhile. I need to dig out the recipe for it & get all the ingredients... if I have nothing else next week for Thanksgiving, know I will have a piece of pumpkin pie.  It's healthy after all - right?  Pumpkin IS healthy...

What's your favorite fall food?


  1. Thanksgiving would not be the same without homemade pumpkin pie. The quote about veggies it too funny! I will be sure to get them all in..haha. -L

  2. Stuffing is my weakness! Even though I only have it a couple of times a year, if I could and could eat the calories without gaining a but ten times larger than Kim Kardashians, I would have it all the time:)
    But Stuffing, turkey and mash potatoes aren't just a Thanksgiving favorite for me, they are also my preferred marathon celebration dinner after the race, if I can find it:)

  3. I agree with you, apples are amazing! A big ole piece of apple pie would be so wonderful on this Friday night. :)

  4. Yes to apples (all year round really) pumpkin pie, and soups/chili. I've never ha a dumpling so I can't attest to that one but I Can completely and utterly agree with the stuffing part. I only get it on Thanksgiving so it comprises like 60% of my plate that day haha

  5. Ha! I'm with you on the bread love. Stuffing is my jam! I'm definitely at least 90% carbs. I never understand people who snub their noses at carbs. Goodness gracious just enjoy some damn bread or pasta!

  6. apples are absolutely the BEST! how amazing to live next to an orchard!

  7. My mother made the best dumplings. They were very thin. You can't find anything like them. Wish I knew how!

  8. Mmmm love Fall foods! Paula Deen has a recipe for crockpot potato soup- the BEST!!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  9. such a fun post! stuffing is the best ever!!

  10. oh my gosh though.. apple pie is the best thing ever invented.

  11. Apples, definitely apples! There is nothing better than going apple picking at the orchard!

  12. Wow this made me super hungry! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week :)

  13. Pumpkin everything! I've seriously been quoting Seinfeld all weekend!

  14. My mouth is watering, but now I really want an apple. Love me some galas, just love them. I hope you have a good thanksgiving :)


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