Monday, November 3, 2014

Ups & Downs... vacation edition...

Where we look at how life rolls

I'm back... from vacation... that's an automatic down...

but it was a busy week... so let's take a quick look at some of how it went...

UP // I got to sleep... without an alarm clock... wonderful!

DOWN // I refused to let myself sleep too late though. I know myself. If I let myself sleep late, I stay up late & then by the time I get back to work, I'm not sleeping at all.  If I didn't have a job, I would be one of those girls that stay up all night & reads & sleeps all morning long.

DOWN // Monday... the first day of the vacation, I hurt my back. I mean HURT MY BACK.  Worse then anything I have ever done. I leaned down to open up Harvey Dent's kennel & my back seized up. Like, I was hunched over & couldnt move. Made it to the phone & called Ricky crying & saying I needed to go to the ER.  Yeah... that's how my vacay started.  I ended up getting an ice pack, laid on it. Put on some Panaway Essential Oil & took some Ibuprofen & did nothing the rest of the day.  There you go.  Monday sucks even on vacation.

UP // I got roses for our 19th anniversary. Who doesn't love the surprise of roses?

UP // We got to eat where I wanted to for our anniverary - a little Italian restaurant that I love....

DOWN // ... & the waiter, for some unknown reason, gave us half an order. WHAT?  Who ordered half an order?  Thanks for saving me the calories dude, but I eat here once a year & wanted the full deal.

UP // Savings all those calories let us go to the Homemade Pie Kitchen.... apple pie with a carmel topping?  OH yeah - that's celebrating our anniversary.

UP // Outlet shopping... enough said.

UP // Outlet shopping on a Wednesday afternoon where the only people there are 4 people in the whole place.

UP // Finding Beauty & the Beast stuff...even after all this time.

UP // Lunch at my second place I almost chose for our anniversary dinner. I ended up getting both my places I wanted to eat.

DOWN // I didn't pick a good thing to eat at PF Changs. It was so bland. Like my own cooking was better then this.

UP // My dogs were so happy we were home. I mean, Harvey Dent slept in the bed with us every night - after Monday. I refused to open the kennel anymore.

UP // Daytime TV...  I love daytime TV.  I always say Kelly Ripa would be my best friend if I knew her in real life.  I'm convinced of it.

UP // Got my sewing machine threaded... yipee!! ... now what?

UP // Got lots of knitting done.. . I mean LOTS of knitting.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've been overloaded with knitting pics

DOWN // Ricky & I watched the stupidest movie EVER.. something with Chris Evans, which I would think would be good.  It was ridiculous & a waste of my time.  Snow Piercer or something with snow... & they all live on a train.  The whole world, on a train. Stupid.  Just don't.

DOWN // The hubs refused to go see Gone Girl.  I refused to go see the Denzel Washington film.  That's why we ended up with the stupid move I just mentioned.

How Ricky & I both reacted to each other's movie choices

UP // Finished my last engagement session AND finished my last wedding.  One more session & I'm done for the year.

UP // Gas is below $3.00 - I feel like I won the lottery

DOWN // We had to take Ricky to the Urgent Care because of a mark on his back with red streaks going around his side up to chest... ends up its ANOTHER spider bite.  That's infected his lymph nodes.  I told him his obsession with becoming Spiderman is taking it to extremes now.

DOWN // It's dark at 5:30 now... NOO!!!!!!!

DOWN // I got so sick on Sunday.  I mean SICK...  Start off the vacay with an injury, ended it with sickness.  There's that.

Lots more happened, but I am trying to make this post not a mile long.
I need to get back to work & back to routine... & just hoping I feel better.

I can't wait to visit around & see what's going on with you all...

Sooo....What did I miss last week?


  1. Oh no for both of you being I'll or injured the past few days! I caught a cold Thursday night and have been dealing with it ever since.

    Glad you had a good day celebrating your anniversary. I hate shopping but when I do it, I love when it isn't crowded! Yay for gas under $3. I saw that here too and got all excited ( although when I saw it was only $3.02 the other day I was thrilled).

  2. Homemade Pie Kitchen? That sounds delicious! You're in the South, right? I have an old schoolmate who lives in Arkansas and he's always posting about these different restaurants. All we seem to have around here are large chains. Other parts of the country seem to have a lot more individuality.
    I filled up at $3.21 a gallon the other day. It's too bad you can't buy low and stockpile gas. I've got a road trip planned for January. No doubt the price will be a lot higher then.
    I'm sorry you're sick. Feel better soon!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I know lots of people love PF Changs, but I'm just not a huge fan. I love Red Bowl wayyy better! Hope your back feels better!

  4. Eek, stupid spiders! I really hate those things, hope he gets all recovered from the bite!

    Happy Anniversary! Gas is still over 3 a gallon here. Boo to that!

  5. I only eat the fried rice at PF Changs, everything else I've had is gross. and apple pie, yum. yum yum yum.

  6. I hope that you both get healed up quickly! That pie sounds phenomenal! You should probably get more'll help you feel better.

  7. Sounds like you need another vacation- a fun one this time!! Is your back feeling better?
    Poor Ricky too, with that spider bite!
    I love PF Chang's! Maybe because that's where Jeremy proposed to me at. :) I've had several dishes from there and they have always been delicious.

  8. I love Kelly Ripa too! I think she is just hilarious!


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