Friday, November 21, 2014

My Breakfast is better... Hemp Hearts

I've talked before about how I get in such food ruts.

Same food over & over... day in, day out.

So I was excited when I got something in the mail to try... I got even more excited when I found it was food.

This girl will always be excited when food comes to her door.

Hemp Hearts

I wasn't even sure what to do with this stuff at first because I'm such a non-kitchen person. 

I mean some people can see this &immediately think of 12 recipes to create.  I'm like, what can I sprinkle it on...

& I actually did just that. 

The front of the package even tells me what to do.  Salads & yogurt are always on my go-to foods so I thought this would be a great way to try it.

I have been using my bag to sprinkle on top of my greek yogurt with honey.  Let me tell you, with Greek Yogurt & this?  I think I've got my protein covered for the day, which is exactly what I need being a vegetarian.  I really do have a hard time getting in enough protein in a day & this stuff really helps. 

I was curious to see what the other health benefits were from this products

Hemp hearts like we mentioned are a complete protein.
... it also contains essential fatty acids omega 6 & omega 3
... it's also a great source of soluble & insoluble fiber.
... its packed with vitamins like A, B1, B2, D & E as well as the minerals calcium & iron

Its said that hemp hearts are also great at curbing hunger. I feel like greek yogurt fills me up for awhile anyways, so this was just an added benefit.

If you want to give it a try, you can check out Manitoba Harvest & use a 20% off code.  Who doesn't love a 20% off code?  (Code: HHSweatPink14) ... hurry though, the discount expires November 30th.

Check out their site too because they are more genius then I am & actually have recipes as well as all sorts of hemp products.

Going into the holidays, who doesn't need more energy & a fuller belly & some extra boosts of health?  I'll definitely have to keep this a stable in my diet...

Even Chuck Norris gives it a thumbs up

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