Thursday, November 13, 2014

Getting back in the swing of things...

Working out...

yeah, I used to be into that...

& then vacation happened... & my back injury again happened & not feeling good happened... & being depressed happened...

& working out has been slacking.

I was starting in the 2nd phase of my P90X3 & feeling great.  & I had every intention of working out on vacation, especially since plans got nixed & we were going to be home.

& then I hurt my back the minute I woke up on the morning of vacation.

& the first thing Ricky said to me, "Don't even think about working out"... & for the first time,  I knew I couldn't.  I usually push myself, working out even when I know I probably shouldn't.  This time, I knew I couldn't. Talk about humbling.  So the whole week was off.

& then the time changed.

Let me tell you. I sink into a deep depression when the time changes. I know its coming & I try to fight it, but when its dark at 5:30, I just want to put on PJ's & hide & go to bed. I cop the attitude of "I don't care about life"

... & then for the past 4 weeks, my stomach has been a mess. Like a MESS...

I used to have issues with IBS but when I gave up meat about 3 years ago, I haven't had one problem with it.  I don't know if my issues now are related to IBS or what is going on, but its a lot of feeling nauseated, stomach pains, nothing fun.

& then we're moving at work.  I don't even want to talk about it. I'm so depressed about this whole work issue.  Add work depression on top of darkness depression & its a perfect storm of depression

So what do I do now - because I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.  I want to let working out be my antidepressant - which is hard at first... but I'm getting that kick in my butt to get back at it.

I'm not sure whether to pick up in the 2nd part of my P90X3...
or do I start at the beginning?

I did my old T25 last night just to get a good sweat & some cardio going.

My heart rate was up in the 150's... my heart was saying, "Wow, its been awhile since I pumped"

& Tuesday, I did the best antidepressant work out - I just put in "Just Dance" in my Xbox & moved for 55 minutes...

I think I'm going to just play out 2014 by ear...
Do what I can do...
move however I can move...

praying my back & knee take a turn for the better & that my mood picks up...

& praying I don't end up an extra 20 lbs heavier by the start of 2015...


  1. Just keep moving but safely. Do what you can without making injuries worse. I think that Just Dance is a great form of exercise! My sister lost about 15lbs with the game. :)

  2. Sorry to hear that you have been fighting a few injuries. I know how hard it can be to get motivated to workout when you're not feeling well. And not to mention the time change. I hate that it gets dark so darn early. I have been putting on my pjs alot early too thses days. Hope you get outa your slump soon:) -L

  3. I hate how it gets dark so early too. Add that to these FREEZING temps, and it is depressing! I just wanna move to Florida.
    If it was me, I would probably start back at the beginning of P90X3. I hope everything turns around for you soon, my friend! Hugs!

  4. I of course am the freak who adores this time of year so I'm no help in that department. But in the training department I can tell you that a week or even a month off doesn't mean you've lost everything fitness wise and have to start back at the beginning. Muscle doesn't disappear quite that fast so don't feel like you have to start back at square one. Also, stress is stress is stress. Your body can't tell the difference between work, exercise or family stress and an increased heart rate is the response for ALL stress. Don't let the 150 hr make you think you're out of shape, it could very well be your already elevated hr responding to an increased demand. Hang in there. Just do what you can but ENJOY life as best you can!

  5. Oh, hang in there. My tummy does the same thing when there are things bothering me (stress stuff) -- hopefully it will resolve itself after things settle down. Stick with what feels good - Just Dance is perfect to keep moving without feeling like it's "exercise". Do you belong to the Y or a fitness place? I'm so frugal/cheap that I signed up just so I could go work out and not feel like I was wasting money - does that make sense? Anyway, I haven't tried water aerobics yet but have been told it would be better on my knees for cross-training -- you might see if it would help your back. I hope you pull out of your blues!

  6. You can totally get back into it, even if it's slow and gradual. I think be forgiving of yourself my dear!

  7. i feel you with the time change. my motivation is just completely gone. i have worked out twice this week. sometimes i just need to not force myself to do this or that, but just do something - anything. even if its just dance, or going for a quick run or walk.. something small is better than nothing and before you know it the time will have changed again and your motivation will be back (hopefully mine too)

  8. I swear, Just Dance is one of my favorite workouts!! Play a booty shaking one...I'm in there!!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  9. I work with a lot of people who's mood changes with the seasons and they are in better moods when the sun is out than not. At first I never got it, but now that I work with so many that way, I can actually see it is a problem for some! One gal I work with took up a new hobby for evenings, and that has really helped her, or so she was telling me the other night.
    You have a good attitude, you'll get it figured out!
    But possibly, maybe you need a break from it too, maybe this will be what you need to let that knee that's been bothering you finally have a chance to heal? At least I am hoping you'll get over that soon!!!

  10. Oh no. I so want to give you a big ol' hug. Taking a deep breath is a great way to start. I completely hear you about the time change. By 6:30 I just want to go to bed. And then I find myself looking for ways to keep myself busy until at least 9:30 because I refuse to go to bed that early! Hope you are feeling better!

  11. That so stinks that you got hurt!! Wishing you a speedy recovery to get back to normal in no time!!



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