Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Anyone can Run...really?

Sunday... the big day... the New York Marathon.

I always love when marathons are on TV.  To me, I'll watch that all day long.  Funny since I watch no other sporting event on TV... except tennis.  No Super Bowl, no World Series, no NCAA Tournament.  But put a few hours of people running & I'll sit & watch... I am who I am...

One thing I loved about it - there were all sorts of commercials & attention given to runners.  I loved the Asics commercial.

I loved the commercial for the Disney movie coming out in February about runners with Kevin Costner.

I love when they did the stats on Meb... (the man really stays IN THE AIR for over 70% of the time?!?!?)

& there was a commercial about an amputee that was so inspiring... I wish I could find it.

But he talks about how it doesn't cost a lot of money - you can do it anywhere - that anyone can do it...

I loved it...

& then I sat there with an ice pack on my back where I've pulled something or slipped something... & my knee aching & I thought, can anyone really do it?

Anyone?  That's a bold statement... It made me feel like I'm set aside of the 'cool crowd'.  Because right now, I can't run.  I'm sure there are lots of people out there that can't run for one reason or another...

I mean, I CAN do it... but is it safe?  Not right now - not with the pain I'm in...

An inspiring commercial ended up making me feel really bad about myself...

I want to be able to run
I miss running

I guess I need to just look at it as something to work for again...

I will run again
I will get my body stronger to be able to handle running

I won't give up

But I wanted to say to anyone that can't run right now & probably won't be able to in the future... there are other things that can give you a sense of accomplishment.  Of well being. Of being fit. Of taking care of yourself.

It's about finding what works for you...

Anyone can take better care of themselves... that's what I want the message to me...


  1. I like watching the marathon on the Olympics. Their paces are crazy.. Especially the ladies, I can't even imagine running like they do.

  2. http://rnay225.blogspot.com/2013/02/excuses.html This post. Totally. And I'm not even trying to promote myself. I have a really hard time with "inspirational" things because they tend to make me feel inferior. You said it,"I mean, I CAN do it... but is it safe?" NO. And that's ok! I wish people would include that in all of their inspirational stories. When they took time off or got hurt or just burnt out. You're doing great, keep it up!

  3. I love the idea that 'anyone can run' but i certainly know that not everybody can (you and my husband, though i hope you both can again soon). however the idea that anyone can run, to me, just means that you don't need any special skills or equipment, like other fitness doodads. it's not for everyone but everyone can do it.. but not everyone should. lol.
    whats funny, the first thing i thought of when i saw that pic that says 'winners are just losers who tried one more time' - did you know the guy who won the urban bourbon had never done a half marathon before? what the shit?!

  4. Great quotes! Yes health comes first. If you don't take the time off to heal properly you can make it worse. -L

  5. great post with great quotes. hope you can soon. One thing I love about Louisville is all the ways to get fit if running isn't your thing. The hardest part is finding it.

  6. I remembered hearing that during the show "anyone can run", I wasn't paying much attention to take it too much to heart, but you are kinda right..
    When I went through a year and a half of big work injury I remember thinking how I used to take what I was able to do for granted. I look at it now very, very differently.
    I like to say, I am lucky I can run again, because frankly not everyone can! But there is one thing everyone can do, and everyone can have a dream and a goal!

  7. Such a great post and you are absolutely right. I spent more time this year than I would have liked not being able to run. I consider myself extremely lucky that I am running most pain free now. It's not that way for everyone though. It's just not that easy.

    I hope you feel so much better soon. <3

  8. Great post! Taking your health into account is always a top priority. My husband is struggling with the fact that he may need to put his running shoes away for a bit due a knee injury.

  9. i run sideways--it's the craziest thing. i can't run straight! btw had no idea you had 2 blogs. it just hit me!


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