Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's the deal with planks?

So today was better then yesterday... even after having a traumatic event happen in our house.  Wanna read about our dog almost choking to death?  Then you can click HERE to read about it. 

But I needed to work out after the stressful events.

I got a DVD from Amazon to review from the 10-Minute Solutions.  I have every other video from them.  Really like the concept.  5 10-minute exercises.  So you can do all five of them & have a 50 minute work out, or you can choose which ones you want to do & mix it up, so anything from a 10 minute work out to 20-30-40 minute - all different combos.  You can really mix it up that way, which is nice for the cost of the DVD.

The new one they sent?  The HIT Training (High Interval Training)... it was cool because each 10 minute section had 8 different exercises.  You'd HIT it for 20 seconds then a 10 second rest & then repeat... I was a little intimidated at the high intensity moves, but you can do anything for 20 seconds, right?  It made it more bearable.  I liked that idea of training. 

& man, it didn't disappoint.  I was SWEATING!!!!  My heart rate was up the entire time too.

I did skip one of the work outs just because that section was more aerobic & I knew the other ones would do enough for me for the day.

The only downfall?  The upper body section.  I love good arm work outs.  But this was just planks basically.  Why is everything planks anymore?  Is it the move of the year?  Just different forms of planks ... & the funny thing, when it was time for the abs section of the workout... you guessed it... more planks.

Luckily, I've done enough work outs & videos & classes to know how to do different moves to work the same area.

For someone who has Bicep Tendonitis, I can't hold my body up that long without flaring the tendon. I need options.  I can't stay in a plank for 50 minutes.

But after this workout I ended up staring on my Virtual 50K that Run with Jess is promoting.  With my bulging disc in my back, I can only sit on a bike seat for short periods, so I'm breaking down the 50K into small rides.  So last night was a 3.10 night in less then 10 minutes.  27.90 miles more to go.

Thumbs Up: 
Getting started on my 50K

Thumbs Down:
Cadbury Halloween Egg ... Cadbury eggs get me every time

FitBit:  7,564 /  3.39 miles / 2234 Calories Burned

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