Monday, October 7, 2013

Laziest weekend ever....

This weekend got rained out for my regular photo schedule... & it was the first weekend that I didn't leave the house on Saturday in MONTHS...

What did I do? 

Did I run on the treadmill?
Venture for a run in the rain?
Grab a video & do some cardio?
Grab my weights & pump up with strength?
Jump on the Spinner & get some miles in for Breast Cancer Virtual 50K?

No... my butt stayed on the couch all weekend long.

& I felt horrible doing it.

I could literally feel my body just choking on itself.

As of this morning, I am officially the heaviest I have been in 22 years.  That is not fun to say & embarrassing... & humbling.

Its really not like what I did this weekend, I do every weekend.  I can't even begin to tell you the last time I laid on the couch & 'vegged'.

I do work out.  4-5 days a week.
I try
I struggle

But I can feel my body with this weight, & I don't like it. 

I realize that my age is fighting against me. 40 is winning right now.... but come backs happen every day...

I need to be more aware of my food choices.
I need to force myself to work out harder, differently if need be.
I need to make changes.
I need to check with the doctor if things don't change.  (Bio-identical Hormone Therapy?... anyone?)

I laid on the couch & I could feel myself struggling for breath.  What is up with that?  The girl that was 25 lb lighter this time last year.

25 lbs ...

there's that embarrassing thing again...

But I'm ready for a change.

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