Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just beautiful....& a goal?

So I have sort of made a goal for myself for the rest of the year.  Not sure how its going to go, but I think its easy enough, but challenging enough. 

Goal:  Run at least 1 mile EVERY DAY for the rest of the year in 2013

Less then 3 months to go.  Easy enough.  Even on a bad day,  busy day, even a sick day, I think I can get in 1 mile.  15 minutes ... yeah, 10 minutes or less for most of you... 15 for me on a bad day... but still.  A goal.  Let's see how this goes.

Yesterday wasn't a problem doing that.

It was SOOO beautiful out.

I ended up using that & going over my 3.25 hurdle again...

4:47 miles... nice...

& I don't know if it was the weather & the NO-HUMIDITY in the air, but I felt really good too.  Not too much pain in the knees or the low back...

I was just moving & enjoying life...

Running for cake
Yep... I probably enjoyed the day so much that I was doing the 'Phoebe Run'

I don't even think I moaned & groaned once about my low back pain, or my knees or my Bicep Tendon...

Take note of THIS day!

Now if every day felt like this...

Thumbs Up: Got a work out in AND made dinner! Felt like a real woman.

Thumbs Down:  Bicep Tendon is ACHING!!!!

FitBit Stats:  15,102 steps / 7.91 miles / 3262 calories burned

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