Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Date with the Driveway

The weather is so beautiful outside still... I just wanted to go sit in it &  read.

But that's not productive at all... & I ran the day before so didn't want to mess up my legs & back, so took myself into the basement.

A date with Jillian Michaels.

Today's choice was Shed & Shred... I really do like her videos.  She seems much kinder on the videos then on the TV show. 

I wanted to get some toning in ... & Jillian doesn't disappoint.

154 was the Max ... not avg... messed up

I also started my One-Mile Challenge 2013 ... one mile every day for the end of the year.  I was glad to come out of the basement & spent a mile outside.  I didn't want to go down the road because the first half mile is nothing but uphill - which aggravates the back... so I just did it in my drive way...

up & down.. up & down..

the bad thing?  My drive way is also a hill... so I would do a full lap & then a half lap so I wouldn't do the hill.

It was fun because the neighbor's dog did the whole thing with me... confused look and all... but had a ball in his mouth & just kept thinking, "this is playing?"

I know its a slow mile... but its done.

I'm really interested in seeing the difference in my mile now & December 31,2013...

Challenges are good - right?

Thumbs Up:  Did more Burpees with Jillian then I normally do
Thumbs Down:  Not a healthy dinner... PB sandwich... blah...
FitBit Stats: 8,376 Steps / 3.99 miles / 2,571 Calories Burned

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