Friday, October 4, 2013

The dreaded 4's

So, if you know me in real life, you know that 444 follows me everywhere.  I even have a hashtag of #444sfollowme on Instagram for just a SMALL glimpse of how often it comes across my life.  I don't even take ALL the pictures from when I see it.. but enough to prove my point.

I head out for a run yesterday. Why?  1. Because it was warm for a fall day.  Cool air is coming... & darkness earlier & earlier... so enjoying what I can get in now. 2. the Hubs stayed to play Corn Hole with coworkers.  3. I'm all caught up editing pictures so I felt like a freebird.

I ended up doing intervals of 2 min run/3 min walk... had more walking because I wanted to go further then normal.  I've been in a 3.25 run lately.  A run to a certain hill that I get to the top, turn around & come home... the usual 3.25.  I busted through the barrier this time.  Kept going.  & I knew to do that, I needed some leg energy because the whole route is hill after hill after MOUNTAIN after hill...

It was a nice stretch of the legs... the walking works for me.  With this low back issue, its hard to run. 

Side note - I really need someone to record me & see if I'm heel striking.  That would make a difference in my back.

But I get home & hit my watch at my usual cut off point (the part in my drive way where the black top & concrete meet... every time, this is my start/stop point)... looked down & saw my distance... yep... 4.44...

I laughed... there it is again...

I have to say too - I was pretty creative.  The humidity was worse then I thought & I had on sleeve.  Which when you sweat, sleeves are from the devil.  So I didn't obviously have scissors on me or I would have cut the sleeves off... & my bare white, jello belly wasn't going to be seen with me taking off my shirt, so I tucked my sleeves under my sports bra... & it stayed the whole time... SUCCESS!!!

Thumbs up: 
* Going further then usual
* Sports Bra MacGyver move

Thumbs down:
* Low Back felt like it had weights on it last part of my run home

FITBIT Stats for day:  13,654 Steps /  7.1 miles /  2505 Calories Burned

Keep Pressing On!!!

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