Thursday, October 10, 2013

Survived the cake

My twin nieces turned 9 years old yesterday...

I remember being there to hold them minutes after they were born... & now, here we are 9 years later.

We got to go celebrate & of course, that means Birthday Cake...


Yep, we just celebrated my mom's birthday with cake... & my grandson's birthday was last week as well, but he's another state away so I wasn't tempted with icing goodness on that day.

But look at me... they brought this out, we sang, blew out a candle & then cut this baby up... & I stayed away from it!  YES! 

It may not seem like much for some people - but me turning down cake?  That's massive for me.

I actually didn't want any.

I just wanted to get home & get in my 1-Mile Challenge & work out...

I want to end 2013 feeling good - & down a LOT of poundage.

So after a rousing game of HORSE ... actually HORSES... we added an S since two of the girls were almost out ... I went home & worked out..
Teach 'em young how to play

4.72 on the spinner, knocking off on my 50K Virtual Race & my 1 mile

It was the slowest mile EVER... 17:18... really?  I could probably crawl faster... that's depressing...

but looking at positives, not negatives... I did it...

Thumbs Up:  Obviously, turning down birthday cake
Thumbs Down: That mile... turtle pace

FitBit Stats:  10,039 Steps  / 4.83 miles  / 2,333 calories burned

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