Thursday, October 22, 2015

{DL} Always something to work....

I had great intentions.

The weather was beautiful & calling me to just be outside.

I sent a text to a friend & asked if she wanted to go walking.  I mean, I know I'm in trouble with my knee & thought walking is a good option - running it out, but talking with a friend who is so great at distracting me with great conversations is what I needed.

& then I stopped at the bank on the way home...

& came across the parking lot & it was like my knee raised the white flag...

Exactly how my knee did

I literally stood in the middle of where the cars were driving & gasped with pain.

Something didn't feel right.

I basically had to limp in a Hunchback fashion to get to my car.

I got home & wrapped up my knee & then text my friend back to let her know that walking wasn't even an option.


But I had to work out... I've learned about myself that if I don't work out, I panic.

That may be the definition of addiction - but that's ok when it comes to healthy things - right? ...that could be a whole other post.

So I decided to put in my video that concentrates on core...


Abs don't require knees - right?

Actually, some parts of it did - It required being on hands & knees & I just doubled up a towel & put under my bad knee.  It's like that soft spot on the knee is the worst pain.  Yep - this is new.

& I didn't stay in that position long.

I'm not going to push it.

But I did get to workout ... my abs anyways... I'll take what I can get for now.

Stupid knee.


  1. Oh no! You definitely need to take some time off (from everything) or even go get it looked at.

    PS what does DL mean in your post title? In my world DL means

  2. Love your determination to still work out even with ou knee pain. Hope it feels better soon!

  3. I hope the knee is better soon! Definitely let it get the rest it needs. The worst thing would be to exacerbate whatever is causing the pain.

  4. Oh girl, I am so sorry your knee seems to be getting worse. I wonder what a couple days off it completely would do, do you have crutches? Maybe a couple days off, could let the inflammation go down so the pain isn't so bad.
    Your a trooper though trying to do a workout even if it wasn't your workout of choice!
    I went for a walk yesterday, and my tendon issues didn't even let me get a mile before I realized it would be smarter for me to turn around, for some reason this flare up it's seriously not cooperating and I am sick of it! In other words, I totally feel your pain of not being able to do what you want to be doing:(

  5. Ugh, I hate that for you! I'm glad you were smart about it though, and didn't push it. Glad you were still able to get a workout in!

  6. im so sorry about your knee, but good for you for not pushing out. and yeah it totally doesn't count when it comes to healthy things ;)

  7. I get the need to work out! I'm the lady frantically pool running and cycling because she can't run on her foot. Which leads me to you have a pool nearby?

  8. how disappointing! Hope your knee gets better soon.

  9. I hate all though those little aches and pains that pop up.I try to do that too, find something else I can do, but sometimes rest is the answer.


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