Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I still get teary eyed over these strangers....

The "official" video came out...

I still get weepy over these total strangers.

It's so cool for me to see the winners coming across the finish line & to know I was standing RIGHT THERE! :)

& if you get confused watching it & seeing the 2nd place woman crossed the ribbon & not the first place - the 1st place came in after, but she had the better time. I said I hated for her that she didn't get that 'ribbon busting' moment herself. 

But the girl that came through 1st, but who was 2nd - I got her chip - I got to talk to her... she was incredible. Didn't even look out of breath.

... & watch this video just to get to the story of the lady on the bike... how she was ready to commit suicide & here she is doing an Ironman.

Can you imagine how many amazing personal stories were out on that road on that day?

.... man, this stuff is inspiring to me...

& looky here... the volunteer appreciation video... I always love this.

At the finish line, I remember so many of these people that volunteered there that are in this video.

Unfortunately, they never went any further then the catchers at the finish line with the video... there was a whole other group of people back further working hard...

my knees remember it all even still....

The athletes are so appreciative though.  There is one that I saw took Starbucks cards & gave them out all during the day to the volunteers... how cool is that?

These athletes are amazing.


  1. aw thats sad that they don't get all the volunteers in the video. but totally agree, so inspiring! can't believe the winner didn't get to bust her ribbon. rude.

  2. I always get emotional at big races even when i'm not running. I love seeing people accomplish their goals!!

  3. How you can you watch that and NOT get all misty-eyed? So inspirational. Bucket List. Never say never.

  4. So fun to be a part of a big race, even if you aren't running!

  5. Very cool! I really should get into volunteering instead of avoiding a race area if I am not in it, I think the experience would be very humbling!

  6. Love the video :) Watching the completers is inspiring!
    Do you think your new knee pain came from all the time on your knees? :(


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