Monday, October 19, 2015

A beautiful weekend....

I'm not sure how it was where you live, but it was PERFECT running weather.
Friday, I wanted to do some small work out but I basically couldnt move as the day went on in thanks to starting some workouts from 21 Day fix EXTREME.
Oh my gosh - Its like starting over day 1 again with the soreness & pain.
But that's ok - I keep telling myself - if it doesn't challenge me, it doesn't change me.
My butt better look like a 18 yr olds after this is all I'm saying!
But I woke up on Saturday feeling good - a little tight still but not enough to keep me from getting outside.  it was just the most perfect day.
The temps were only going to be in the 50's & everyone kept talking about how COLD it felt outside...
to me - it was wonderful...
Long sleeves, capris - earbuds in - I was ready to roll...
How cute are these camo pants from Old Navy???
I kinda want to wear them every day
It was just fresh clean air... I didnt want to stop.
I've actually been doing really good in my running - basically still slow as a turtle - but my endurance has really picked up. I ended up running 30 minutes non stop this Saturday & then just walked for 1 minute before finishing out. 
Again - SLOW... I get it... but I'm impressed with myself that I'm not breathless at the end....
Progress people - progress.
I will say, my left knee is giving me new fits.  Always the knees. Always.
It feels like it wont bend. Like its swollen. It doesn't LOOK swollen - it just feels swollen.  & it hurts if I put any weight on it at all - like actually ON it - like if I was on hands & knees. Or using a knee to stand up.  Its tender.
I'm putting ice packs on it religiously at this point...
because I don't want to miss out on this beautiful weather while its here.
Did you workout this weekend?
Is the weather amazing where you are at?



  1. lol @ my butt better look better than an 18 year olds. if only, right?! the weather was gorgeous this weekend, i went for a run and then ended up going for a walk afterwards as well, just because it was so nice! but for reals, all i am thinking as i'm looking at that blue sky is .. how long is this gonna last?! we'll be complaining about snow and ice before we know it. boo.

  2. You look so cute! Weather here was a bit chilly in the morning but was beautiful by the time I went for my long run! I had on a long sleeve tech and a windbreaker and I didn't need both. I was hot! I am good if the weather stays like this but not looking forward to cold temps all day long.

  3. Sorry about your knee, I wish I knew a magical cure for you:)
    Love the picture though, and knowing you and how you stick with things you will get that 18 year old butt:)
    The weather hear has been nice, we had still been having summer temps, a little storm over the weekend cooled things off a little. I have to admit, even know I know fall and snow is coming, I am enjoying our extended summer:)

  4. Thirty minutes of running is awesome! That's about all I can handle haha. I haven't run since before the wedding and I'm planning on going after work nervous! And I love those camo leggings!

  5. I wish I could say the same about my butt! LOL. 30 minutes of nonstop running is wonderful! I do love your camo capris. I trip to Old Navy is in order. It was nice here, but super windy. Too windy. I hope you enjoy this week's weather. I appreciate you linking up with us!

    1. Oh, I'll never get that butt - but I'll dream :)

  6. I'm glad you're enjoying the weather! I hope your knee feels better!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm hoping it doesn't last long.

  7. Same here. Friday at work everyone was complaining about how cold it was going to be. I told them to talk to the hand. It was perfect! Glad you enjoyed it too!

  8. Look at you and those capris are just awesome! You look so skinny too! I wish we still had an Old Navy store I would be headed there right now after seeing this! I was a great weekend here too. Cool enough at night to be considered fall and perfect for Chili which I had and nice during the day! Can it just stay this way until say March?? Please, pretty please??? I hope you get some relief from your knee. :) it sucks when you have the motivation but body parts are just not on board... I know exactly. Why won't they get with the program already! Thank you for linking up with us always enjoy reading what you are up too! Have a great week RJ! :)

    1. I think they had those capris on clearance at Old navy!!! :)

  9. Our weather in Bama is perfect right now. Low's 40's/50's and highs mid-70's. Although it did creep back into the 80's this weekend. I love Old Navy Athletic clothing. I hope your knee feels better soon.


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