Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Five: Inspiring

I saw today's Prompt was people that inspire you.

Well, how do you pick 5 people?

So I was just thinking about what inspires me to try & stay healthy & fit...

Let's try that angle

ONE // Age

Let's face it - things get harder when we age.  But I want to fight it as much as I can.  I've seen some people my age that look like they are 25 years older then the number ... people that can't move easily, or struggle with daily life because they just don't take care of themselves.  I've also seen people my age that are KILLING IT in life with their body - proof of what it looks like to take care of yourself.  Our CFO's wife is in her early 60's & doing the Ironman this weekend - THAT'S what I want in life.  Age - suck it!


No - not a bicycle - my butt doesn't like bicycles.
I mean the cycle that your body can go through.  Like if you eat healthy, your body takes care of you.  If you don't take care of your body, your body has a better chance of giving you  more issues & failing on you.  I want to take care of my body so it takes care of me.
Side note - my sweet husband reminded me of this the other day when I said I didn't want to pay $4.50 for a tiny carton of blueberries.  He said, "you'll pay that to make sure you healthier & you don't have to pay that $4.50 to go to the doctor"... Smart man.


I do everything I can to not take medicine.  I can't tell you how my yearly exam every year my doctor suggests taking medicine to help with things - I tell her NOPE every time.  When I had to go to the ER for dire pain in my side last year, they instantly wanted to give me pain meds - I asked if I could drop the dose down to only 10% of what they wanted to give me... which was still plenty! ... I don't like medicine. I get some people NEED & HAVE to have it ... but I know medicine comes with side effects that comes with more side effects. Its almost like that cycle thing again. 
I know someone that takes medicine for headaches - that causes her blood pressure to rise - which she has to take medicine for that makes her have insomnia so she takes medicine to help sleep... & so on & so on.... No thank you.  Again, I want a healthy body that prevents me from the need of medicine as long as I possibly can.


I have no children of my own & know that if something where to happen to me, & God-forbid something has happened to Ricky & I'm all alone, I'd have a hard time finding anyone to help me in situations.  I want to be able to take care of myself - to do the things that need to be done in daily life - to not have to rely on someone.  More important, I don't want to be a burden to anyone.  I mean, I've moved furniture all on my own so Ricky didn't have to bother with it.  I want to have the physical abilities to do anything & everything I need to.


Let's face it - who doesn't want to look great in clothes!  ME ME ME ME ME!
& who doesn't want to feel confident?  I know looks aren't everything - but it really is something about when you feel good, you have just stand a little taller, you walk a little straighter.  & to be able to know you can pull off clothing without having to worry if its too short, too tight, hiding this part of your body or that part.. yeah - I work hard to get to this place.

What inspires you to try & be healthier?


  1. I'm so with you on not wanting to take meds. I've been having some tests for things related to "female" issues. I'm just praying it's something I can deal with through diet and exercise rather than having to deal with ongoing treatment or surgery. I don't want to go through any of that because it seems like it doesn't end once people start it.

  2. That blueberry comment is SO true. So many people bawk at the price of fresh produce ( even I do sometimes) but they will easily pay $4.50 for a drink at Starbucks!

  3. love all of these points, so very very true. your husband is spot on about the blueberries, my favourite quote is something like 'those who do not find time for exercise will soon find time for illness'. right?!

  4. I love this :) I relate to all of it. I have struggled just accepting that aging means I need to be a bit kinder to my body parts. I really want to push it, but I need to stay healthy. I dread the day I can't, or don't want to walk to the mailbox. I get so sad when I see little aged folks who take painstakingly long to get to the car from the grocery store, it just hurts me, it has to be frustrating...sorry for babbling.
    I am with you on the meds, I try to keep working on things by what I eat and supplement :)

  5. So funny that you mention many patients/parents that I see want medicine for everything their child has. It's crazy! And they get mad when I don't prescribe something.

    1. I don't understand when people just want medicine as an easy way out.... especially for KIDS!!! ...frustrates me so much!


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