Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I'm still around... even a little less of me (YEAH!!)

OK - it's been dark here on the blog for the past week.

I was on vacation....


We actually had plans to do some things, but life threw some other things our way & none of the to-do-list got any check marks... except one - I did get to clean my closet. 

oh well.  I still didn't have to go into work.  Still a win win.

But while on vacation, we also got to celebrate our 20 year anniversary.

Proof that I CAN get a little waist
... I'll get there again...

2 decades.  That blows my mind.

It has gone so fast...

On the fitness front, I decided to just take the week off from working out.  My knee is in such extreme pain discomfort that I thought it would be good for it anyways & heck, its vacation.  Who wants to worry about working out on vacation?

OK... all you people that find gyms when you travel on vacation? I applaud you. I've learned that is not me. I dont even want to work out in my own home where its convenient when I'm on vacation.

Blame the knee.

Always blame the knee in my case.

& on the nutrition front, I knew I didn't want to miss any opportunity to enjoy life.  Like, on our anniversary, yes, I did have some carrot cake. Not much - I kept the reigns in my hand - but I did enjoy life a little more then I usually do.

Carrot cake:
It was as good as it looked.... amazing!

& then at the end of the week, I thought, let's see the damage.  Let me weigh in.

I expected to see a little bit of a gain on the scale with no working out - with the nutrition not being spot on...

& then got on the scale to see that I reached the 30 lb mark

I lost 30 pounds! That is the same as the amount of cheese consumed by an average person in a year.:



Talk about a feeling of happiness!

I don't think there is anything better then expecting the number on the scale to go up & seeing it drop - 2.5 lbs at that for the week!

I will say, while I did eat a little more then I probably usually do, I did stay very aware of what I was eating - I did stay below my calories for the day.  Yes, even on the days I had the carrot cake...

& apparently, it still worked out - even with the exercise being on hold.

That's so encouraging to me...

gives me an extra boost to really watch my food more then anything.

But I have to say, I was pretty dang happy to put on my workout clothes yesterday & get back to it.

Monday workout:

& yes, my knee still wasn't happy about working out, but I'm taking it slow - knowing that any extra strength training is only going to help my knee... & keep that number going down even more.


  1. That's so awesome! Are you still doing 21 day fix?

  2. girl that is amazing! seriously, congrats! also, that is a lot of cheese.

  3. Wow, you go girl! Reaching that 30lb mark is amazing!

    And look at you two sweet kids! 20 years goes by so fast doesn't it? You anniversary cake looks delicious. We only get anniversary cake when we go away on vacation to celebrate. When we stay home there is no cake :(

  4. Happy Anniversary....and congrats on the 30#!!! You have a lot to celebrate!!!

  5. You are looking awesome : ) I wouldn't worry a bit about your treats, like all things moderation :) and it sounds like you did a good job!
    Happy Anniversary! It is odd how fast it goes, I will be at 26 soon , am I that old?!
    I hope that kneee feels better and cooperates for ya!

  6. Yay! I love that feeling of expecting the scale to be up and having it be down instead. Way to go :)

  7. Still sorry you are having knee problems. But WOOT WOOT Congrats on the 30 pound weight loss, that is amazing. You've worked so hard on that this year, such an inspiration!!!
    That is awesome about the vacation too, you deserved it, you work so hard with both your jobs!

  8. Woohoo!! You look amazing. So proud of you lady!!

  9. I love your wedding picture. Happy 20th Anniversary! Congrats on the 30 pounds! I always gain a little on vacation. Kudos to staying under your calorie count. Tell your knee to stop it already!

  10. I am thrilled to read this! 30 pounds is a huge milestone. Congrats!!!


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