Thursday, November 5, 2015

I should be on the show The Originals

OK... am I the only 40-something person that still fan girls over these things?

Yep, I started off as a Vampire Diaries gal - which I still watch faithfully -#TeamDamon #always - & when The Originals came on, I was hooked on that as well.  Because as much as I love Damon, I am more of a Elijah type of girl. 

#TeamElijah #foreverandalways

What the heck am I even talking about?

Well, on The Originals, one of the original vampires is 'special' - he's a hybrid.  He's both a vampire & a werewolf.  Told you - special.

But that's all I keep thinking of now since I started my new workout program that is going to take me through 2015.

I found on Pinterest a hybrid of a program that alternates P90X3 & T25 for 12 weeks....

Pinterest - the place where you can find pretty much anything.

This will take me right through the time till I need to start my next half marathon training.

I think it will be good for my knees to get a break ... & of course, it is always helpful to build some strength & muscles & get a little more toned up.

I'm excited about it....

something new - something to work the body differently - a plan.

I like a good plan.  I NEED a plan in my life.  My days laid out for me.

& who knows - maybe it will make me feel as tough as a vampire and werewolf combined ....


  1. Gotta have a plan :) I love to check stuff off, it just seems right lol
    Sounds like it'll be perfect for you.
    I have not seen either of those series, can you believe it?! I was too busy watching my sparkly vampires...

  2. I really need to take time off and watch a good show! I almost never watch TV {to the point where we got rid of our cable!} I'm a big planner and I'm obsessed with Pinterest right now!! Sounds like you found a great plan that works for you!

  3. I've never heard of any of those shows.
    Yes, ANYTHING can be found on Pinterest. So much so that I tease that there should be a "that's stupid" button...haha. (not that what YOU found was stupid but there is stuff on there I can't see anyone doing).

  4. I have always liked you, but I like you even more now. You and I would have a blast if we hung out. Although I haven't seen The Originals (yet) I get that way with other shows. I get all girly and fan like, LOL In fact I think I totally nerded out to a co-worker today. I am having my first Netflix binge this week, like every night 10pm til midnight or later, I am watching Hart of Dixie and I was telling a gal at work, if it was a real place I would totally be on the next flight there, and then I may or may not have told her just about every hot guy on tv and the reason I watch them, LOL She was laughing, probably more at me, than with me but I don't care. Oh and Vampire Diaries, yes please!!!!

  5. Never heard of The Originals. I will have to check it out!


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