Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekly Wrap ... P90X3 & T25 took over my life

Joining in with the ladies to see how my week went - especially since I am on week 1 of the Hybrid workout of P90X3 & T25 in the goal of becoming awesome... isn't that the goal of every workout plan?

Yeah baby!

Monday - Total Synergistic

I havent done these workouts in such a long time & forgot that some pretty simple, basic moves, can kick my butt with just a simple add in of weights.

Tuesday -  Speed 1.0

I always love a good fast paced cardio workout.  This one is great because it has actual stretches built into the workout.  Who doesnt want that?

Wednesday - P90X3 The Challenge 

Basically nothing but upper body - full of chest presses & push ups.  My arms were pretty much spaghetti noodles at the end.  I would love to be able to one day get a pull up bar & to do the full blown moves... & then my bicep tendon laughs at me & tells me to dream on.  Never say never is all I can say back.

Thursday - T25 Lower Focus

Picture says it all.  It just kills me to do leg day.  My quads were shaking like a wimp.  It's just always hard for me to do a lot of these with my bum knees... but I'm hoping the stronger my legs get, the better my knees. A whole circle of life in the knee sense happening here.

Friday - Rest day

Which was a good thing since my legs were basically not moving at full capacity anyways.

Saturday - P90X3 CVX

This really is my favorite work out in the P90X3 series - my kind of speed - its aerobics done with weights.  My shoulders are crying while my heart is bursting... yeah baby - just the way I like it.

Sunday - Rest Day
No working out but it was a good day of walking all day long at stores & keeping pace with my husband. That is technically a workout in itself with Mr. Long Legs....

So my first week going into the Hybrid Fight Club workout was a success. I totally felt it all over. I just need these knees to heal up.  I see the end of the year getting closer & closer. I want to head into my half marathon training in the best shape ever.

Let me rephrase that.....I WILL be in the best shape ever!


  1. I have always wanted to do P90X! But a coworker of mine did it--though I think it was her first ever exercise she'd done in years, which may not be wise--and got really injured. I think she said it was from all the jumping around, so I've been a little afraid to try it. Is each workout an hour? Maybe I will give it a try because I've been really curious about it. Great week, lady! Here's to another good one!

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic week of working out!! I love both of those programs - I've never considered trying them in a hybrid! So fun1

  3. You are kicking butt :)
    I love a session that is upper body loaded! I have been trying to work my legs again, but it is never as fun. I have issues with my inner knee area and I can not lunge or the tissue will swell up, but I can squat. Weird, huh? You do what you can, right...
    You are looking very lean and fit!!

  4. you go girl! you got this. half marathon training, yay!

  5. Being awesome is so the goal in workouts! I just love your enthusiasm it just radiates in your blog posts! If I'm ever struggling to find motivation all I got to do is come here! You are killing your workouts! Keep it up girly!!!

    1. You are so sweet lady! I appreciate that!

  6. I'm coveting your camo capri tights. So seriously cute. Circle of life with the knees -- I've got to relay that to my sister. After all she's been through, she'll love it! (I guess I could use it for my foot too.) I couldn't get through 10 minutes of any of the workouts that you do. Girl, you rock. I would be mush. I appreciate you linking with us, Rebecca Jo!

    1. I LOVE those tights. Old Navy. I think there is one other camo color I need to get from there!

  7. To do crazy hard workouts like this, thiis must mean your knee's are doing a bit better than before, that is awesome so happy for you!!!
    And you are looking amazing!

  8. Awesome week of workouts! I've never tried either of these programs, but I've heard the P90X is pretty intense. My upper body could definitely use some strengthening. You're doing great! Keep it up!


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