Thursday, November 14, 2013

Biggest Loser - I called it

Yes... I love when I'm right!

I called it... I knew my lovable Velvet Teddy Bear wasn't gone!  See, I pay attention to those promos they give at the beginning of the season & Rueben was MUCH smaller & doing other things, so I didn't think he could be gone...



Because apparently Jillian was giving her team crack... I mean, caffeine supplements.
I actually want to see what all the fuss was about that.  I mean Dr. Oz even approves Green Tea Extract pills, which is the same thing.

But her team got penalized for it causing a 4 lb penalty... ouch... that meant her guy that she saved on week one... his time to go. No save this time around....

At least he had longer on the ranch then he thought... And he learned to swim.  A handy life tool to have.

Don’t test her…
We got to see our cute kiddo ambassador's too come back for a food challenge. 

Can we just stop a second & say how cute Bingo is?  & how cute that his parents named him Bingo? 

The challenge was for the teams to make a healthy balanced dinner. 

Our Season 14 child ambassadors are back on Tuesday with a very important role! They are helping White House nutritionist, Sam Kass, judge The Biggest Loser cooking contest.

I get so frustrated that everyone does quesadillas.  Is that the only food ever anyone can eat on a diet or trying to eat healthy?  It always seems to be the same food... add on the chicken - don't forget... ugh!  I want them to do a vegetarian dish... REALLY make them use the veggies in different ways.

But the kiddos liked it.  The team that won is the one that had Bingo actually eating his vegetables.  Score.

The Weigh in brought in lots of BIG numbers... especially for Bob's team... who ended up getting immunity because of once again, Jillian's screw up.  I wonder if Bob knew that, if he'd push his team as hard because next week, no immunity & numbers don't tend to be that big two weeks in a row... we'll see how that plays out.

Excited for next week... the return of Rueben!
Anyone else watching?

What did you think of Jillian & her caffeine pills?
What is the deal with Bob & weight lifting lately?
Can you swim?

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