Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Biggest Loser & going HARD

Can we start off the show any better... getting Rueben back!!!

When you’re on a roll.When you’re on a roll.

That's how I felt too...

I'm still sort of shocked when he weighed in that he's over 400 lbs.

Isn't it weird how some people can 'carry' their weight.  I mean, I know he looks heavy, but he doesn't look like 400 lbs to me.  I'm hoping he's on for awhile again.

This week though, the contestants got to look back at videos of themselves that reminded them who they were & why they wanted to come to the ranch...

Never forget.

Not sure why they did this so early in the season.  Its usually reserved for the last few people as they send them on their way home as they prepare for the finale. 

But one story really got to me.  It was the story of the guy who learned he was gay.  He said he struggled with it so badly that he just ate for comfort because he knew he couldn't tell his family.

"I ate & gained the weight & imprisoned myself"

That realization just hit me like a ton of bricks...

Its more of a personal thing for me but I have failures in my life & I think I have basically done the same thing... trying to punish myself for the mistakes.  The best way to do it?  If you imprison yourself,  you're basically putting yourself in jail, cutting yourself off from others, making yourself feel miserable & lousy... how much more punishment can there be?

I know some things click for some people & not other... this one clicked for me...

I even woke up with a renewed feeling... had a healthy breakfast of banana with greek yogurt & fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries & walnuts...

Ready to let myself out of this prison....

On a happy note - no one was booted this week.  Blue team lost but Bob used his save.  Now all the saves are gone... & looks like a double elimination happens next week.  As long as its not my Velvet Teddy Bear, I'm OK :)


Side note - today is Go HARD day!!

Go Hug a Runner Day!!!!

I've got to hug my husband who runs all day long as his job! :)

Go find a runner & give them a hug...

Just don't come up from behind as they are running.. that could end badly

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