Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Five: Fitness Inspiration

Friday Five:  Fitness Inspirations

1.  The Bling
I run for a cause . . .      . . . 'cause I like medals.

Come on.  I'm going to be honest. I run for medals.  When they hand over a piece of medal on a ribbon, I feel like I can conquer the world. I don't know the magic behind it, but it inspires me to keep going to each race. 

2. Huffing & Puffing

I work on the 2nd floor of a building. I've worked here for 22 years.  & do you know I still huff & puff coming up the steps every day - a few times a day.  I always say one day I'm not going to feel like someone has punched my lungs with a knife.  It inspires me to keep moving.
PS - WHY are stairs so much harder then anything? I can do races, do an hour of P90X, but 2 flights of stairs wipe me out?  What's up with that?

3. Clothes

I hate clothes shopping.  I am right at that size where its hard to find the fit.  The larger sizes are few & far between in a rack full of smalls & size 3 or 5 jeans.  I used to have to shop in a plus size store & while there is nothing wrong with that, I just don't want to go back there.  First of all, the prices of those clothes are RIDICULOUS!  Why must plus size clothes be so high?  & then, why must they have no shape?  They have gotten better through the years, but its still all sorts of tent-shaped-dresses. No thank you. So it inspires me to keep shopping in regular stores.

4.  Gear

Substitute beer for Zevia & this is 100% true

Another confession. As much as I love bling, I love gadgets.  When I knit, give me all the fun new needles or looms.  When I take pictures, give me a new camera & flashes & all the fun things to improve my pictures.  & when I want to be fit, give me all the cool things that can help that.  All the GPS watches, all the pedometers that track every move you make, all the cute little head bands that hold my hair back & will then technically make me faster... its science... its true.  Fitness gadgets always inspire me to move more.

5. I don't want to be like that....

I see people all the time that are unhealthy looking.  The people in carts riding around the grocery that are too heavy to get up.  People that look like they are struggling in pain just walking.  People that talk about taking medication for every little ache & pain.  I see people like that & I literally say in my head every time, "No, I don't want to be like that.... " ... I really do that... & when I see people that look amazing, & see people running down the road, or biking, or see people in magazines or read some of your awesome blogs, I say to myself, "Yes, that's what I want to be"... I believe there is power in words & in the mind. So I constantly am reminding myself of what I want to be in my life.  Fit. Healthy. Kicking AGE in the butt.

What inspires you to stay FIT?




  1. Ha, Love the gifs. I am getting over a cold and was totally huffing and puffin gin class this morning, someone even called me out! :)

  2. #5 a thousand times. i like medals, but i lost my first few :( and a lot of races i do dont have medals, boo. and i think no matter how fit you are, stairs make everyone huff and puff! i take the stairs everyday and even at my fittest i couldnt breathe!

  3. The medals definitely inspire me, but #5 hits the nail on the head! I never want to be that person ever!!

  4. The bling is worth it. I hate to say it but I don't like signing up for races if I know only the winners receive one. We are paying that much for a race we should get something out of it. -L

  5. Petite sized clothing is way overpriced also. Anything out of the standard gives license to price gouge, I guess. I feel you on not being able to find anything. The work clothes shopping drives me crazy since everything seems super cheaply made or crazy expensive. I want some pants in between jeans and dress slacks. That category just doesn't seem to exist. Everything is either too fancy or too casual. Then there's the jeans shopping that is as traumatic as bathing suit shopping.

  6. you always have the best images - love this list!

  7. Your images always crack me up! What a great list! It is definitely easier to shop when you are fit! Plus size clothing you don't really get the luxury of choosing what you like you just kind of go with your only option.
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  8. Fantastic list! I'm particularly a fan of 2 and 4. My coworker/friend/running buddy and I wonder that all the time about stairs. Running races? Nailed it. Two flights of stairs after work? Hardest part of my day. Ha! And gear and beer. The best.

  9. aches and pains inspire me to get up.

  10. I am with you on these - yes! The clothes. It is so fun to wear fun clothes now and not be depressed when I go shopping. :)

  11. #2 -not to be huffing and puffing with my kiddos!


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