Monday, September 22, 2014

Runners Tell All: Bucket List

I love this link up because I have a runner's bucket list.  Totally have one.  That I dream about.  I want to mark some of these races off before I die...

here's my list...

ULTIMATE!!! ... Disney Princess Half Marathon

Oh my word.  Ever since I saw there was a half marathon that involved Princesses & everyone is pretty much dressed in tutus & tiaras?... & runs through Disney World?  Come on... this race was MADE for me...
I just wish it wasn't so expensive.... This is why its a bucket list.  The travel, the fees, the Magic Kingdom ... exactly why its on my bucket list... but something I so want to do... before I get another freaking injury & can't do it at all.  I figure I can walk it - right?  This race needs me...

Disney Avengers Half Marathon

I could probably pick all the Disney races, but Princess is #1 & now they have Avengers, this one is pretty close to the #1 spot... I'm always leaning towards a tiara, or a cape... I'm all about super heros.  & the chances of a Wolverine being around?  that just makes me want to run even more.  Plus, my husband would love this one.

Women's Series Nashville

I love Nashville anyways & to run a half marathon there... in the fall?  I would love it!  I actually was talking to my hubs about doing it this year... but insert injury again... & it was throw out.  But I want a medal with cowboy boots.  I just do.

Flying Pig Half Marathon

Cincinnati is just up the road under 2 hours... & the Flying Pig is a big event.  I always hated it though because it is always the weekend after The Ky Derby Mini - which I have done the past 6 years... BUT this year, I have a wedding for the Ky Derby... so this may be my year for doing the Flying Pig!!!!
I just realized this as I typed... I'm heading off to look at their site right now!!!

DREAMING:  Chicago Marathon

I'm not sure I'll ever make it to full marathon status... but if I ever did, I would want to do the Chicago Marathon.  Blame it on Spirit of the Marathon documentary!

What are your dream races?


  1. Great bucket list!! I really want to do the Avenger's Half too!

  2. ooooh the flying pig looks like fun - i might have to do it with you, as long as i don't do anything crazy for the ky derby one! i am definitely going to do the princess half - one day!

  3. What a great list! If I were ever going to run another marathon, I always said it would be Flying Pig or Chicago, but the Avengers 1/2 looks AWESOME!!!!

  4. Great list!!!!
    Two of these are on my bucket list too, Flying Pig and Chicago:)

  5. Running my first half in 6 weeks (yikes!) but my wish list includes doing a marathon (any of them) once I can do a half in 2:30 or less. I have no clue how this one will go though. I might adjust that goal because I really want to try a full (any of them) before I'm 50. Still have 8 years to go!

    1. Good luck on your upcoming race! Its always so exciting - especially those FIRST races!

  6. I mean Disney Princess Half Marathon...Perfect and Fabulous!! :) Cincinnati is only 2 hours away from me too! GIrl, if you do The Flying Pig Marathon I so need to come cheer you on!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  7. I really hope you get to do the Princess half marathon. They also have a princess 10K and 5k too that are loads of fun! I'd like to do one of those Women's series races! Have you seen those medals in person? They re HUGE and there is a charm on the end that you can take off and wear on a necklace!

  8. I def want to do a Disney race some day... I'd love to do a full some day too! Great bucket list :)

  9. I've heard really good things about the Chicago marathon! I bet you could do it. It's a flat course. =)

  10. If you runDisney the Princess half is definitely the way to go! It was my first half and I had so much fun!! It's worth the cost (in my opinion). I'm from Ohio and have never heard of The Flying Pig! I'll have to look it up!

    1. You gotta check out the Flying Pig - its HUGE!

  11. You can totally walk the Princess Half. The course is open for a long time! I so want to do The Avengers one too! I'm probably doing the Flying Pig this year, my sister's done it a couple of times and I used to go out for it when I lived up there. It really is an awesome (and hilly) race!

  12. I've done the Nashville Women's Half twice and I love it! The cowboy boot medal is awesome!
    Chicago was great too. I'm seriously considering doing the Flying Pig next year too.
    On my bucket list is the Great Wall of China marathon!!

  13. Yes! Chicago is on my list too. I loved Spirit of the Marathon. Such a great movie. Thanks for linking up with us!


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