Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My first time wearing compression on my LEGS!!!

I am a fan of compression sleeves.... on my arms... I love the way they make my muscles feel. I love how they keep me warm.

Admission:  I have worn them during winter just because ... I'll do mostly anything to stay warm in the bitter winter.

I've never tried the socks or calf sleeves before.  So I was super excited when PRO Compression sent me a pair an offer to try out their socks or calf sleeves.


I was worried at first because I am no tiny little runner (you tiny little runners, I am jealous of you) & wondered if the sleeve would fit over my legs.  But after a battle that resembled me with panty hose from the 80's - I got them on...

Sorry - thinking of tight things, it made me think of Tight Pants from Jimmy Fallon

... moving on...

my husband uses calf sleeves himself every day for work because he walks anywhere from 15-20 miles EVERY DAY.  He told me how they keep his circulation going & how they just make his legs better, so I was excited to see how they felt.

I was expecting it to feel like my calves would be screaming to LET ME OUT OF HERE...

but they really felt comfortable. 


True compression promotes circulation by pushing fluid up from your feet & ankles toward your knees.   That helps reduce swelling & inflammation while giving support to muscles & tendons.

I'm not that smart to know that ... Pro Compression told me.  & I'm smarter for knowing that. 

Seriously - I had no idea what the benefits of these things were.  But I'm finding out that they really do make a difference.  Blood flow & stability in legs make a difference when you count on them to get you through races, runs, or even through a work day.

& I thought runners just wore them to look cool

Well, I'm sold on them now.

Wearing them working out, I could feel the warmth in my muscles & they didn't seem to want to cramp on me or get tight.  I actually left them on for awhile after I worked out & they really just made me want to find a full body compression outfit.

Do they make those?

I need one.

Something like this... but in compression :)

I'm glad PRO Compression was my first ones I wore because checking them out, they know what they're doing. 

Benefits of PRO Compression:
1. They make them in the USA - come at me ABC Nightly News!  Look at my USA compression sleeves!
2. They have a fun SOCK OF THE MONTH!  A new design every month with a discount.  I'm all about fun socks... & add in a discount? I'm a sucker for it.
3. They sell direct, which means bigger discounts & more of a focus on us, the customer.

Perfect for Holiday gift giving, for the next few days, you can visit PRO Compression
& get a 40% off discount using the code PINK2... it's good till Dec 15th so jump on that.

Honey, sweetheart... husband of mine... do you hear that?


So let me know if you wear compression socks or sleeves.
What do you like about them?
Have you tried PRO Compression?


  1. I have seen them and heard about them but never worn them, because I haven't really felt the need yet. Glad that you are loving them!

  2. You look great in your new calf sleeves! Like you I didn't know what the purpose of the sleeves and ( those high socks, as I would call them) when I first started running. I now use them regularly and I also think it helps with those veins that are starting to pop out in my legs! ( the vein thing, maybe that's just me?) -M

  3. I have a drawerful of ProCompression socks. I love them :) I wear them to work also since I am on my feet all day.

  4. Love compression socks. Used to wear sleeves but feel like my life was changed once I started wearing the full socks, especially recovery wise. As a side note, make sure you pay attention to your actual feet and toes when wearing the sleeves. For some people blood and fluid can sort of accumulate in the feet when wearing the sleeves too long. I've never experienced it but have been told about it. Glad you enjoyed them!


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